Greetings from Golden, Colorado, and welcome to the Morrison lab website!

We are an interdisciplinary research group in the Department of Chemistry at Colorado School of Mines broadly employing inorganic chemistry to tackle global issues in health and energy.

The foundation of our research interest lies in the structural and functional versatility of iron-sulfur (FeS) clusters. The Morrison lab is divided into two subgroups. The drug discovery subgroup is investigating the bacterial FeS cluster machinery as a drug target for new antibiotics. The biomimetic materials subgroup is synthesizing new porous materials containing FeS clusters for energy applications.

If you would like to learn more, check out the Research page or come to a group meeting. If you are interested in joining the Morrison research group, please see the Group Members page for more information.

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1 November 2019: Welcome to the lab, Dr. Amy Boncella!

19 August 2019: Welcome to the lab, Jackie and Jens!

16 August 2019: The Morrison lab joins Twitter. Follow us at @CMorrisonLab

1 July 2019: The Morrison lab launches